Staff FAQs

Q: Will this cause me additional work?
A: The overall effect of the WebStore should be to significantly decrease your staff workload and reduce work interruptions since customer orders can be placed, payment collected and product shipped without any involvement from your staff.  There will be some initial work required to add your customer information (name, email address, etc.) but once they are set up, new prescriptions can be added very quickly.  Our training and support staff will work with your staff to ensure that proper processes are developed to record sales and document prescription orders.

Q: What if a client requests registration or requests I add a prescription when I am busy?
A: One of the benefits of the WebStore is that all of this information is sent to you via email, which is only meant to be checked when it is most convenient for you. We recommend you check your email at least once a day, but preferably 2-3 times once the orders increase in volume. While checking your email may seem like an additional task, but the client is contacting you via email is much more convenient than them calling or showing up!

Q: Will I have to start calling clients who order through the WebStore to remind them to reorder?
A: Another benefit of the WebStore is that it emails clients automatically to remind them when to reorder or when the food has been shipped. Alternatively, you could sign them up for our Auto-Ship Service and they will automatically be shipped food on a schedule they can manage.

Q: Can I set someone up so they automatically have a bag of food shipped to them on a regular schedule?
A: Yes! Our Auto-Ship Service allows you or your clients the option of setting up a delivery schedule for their regular order and can be changed at any time. This service is only available for home delivery to increase their compliance without increasing the volume of large bags of food you have to handle.

Q: What kinds of reports are available from the WebStore?
A: The WebStore will generate a number of reports that will ensure that your staff can reconcile all WebStore activity.  Purchase reports will be used to validate your distributor’s invoice for product shipped on your behalf to your customer.  Order reports will enable staff to record product purchases in your practice’s computer software or files. Sales reports will ensure that you have all the information you require to record sales activities. Exception reports can also be generated to assist staff in managing your customers.  For instance, a report can be generated for all customers who have prescriptions that are about to expire allowing appointments to be set up in advance.  We will continue to work with you to make additional reporting available.



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