Dr. FAQs

Computer and Technical Requirements:

Q: Do we need a special computer system or type of computer to use the WebStore?
A: You only need a computer with internet access and a supported web browser (FireFox, Internet Explorer) that all staff can easily access.

Q: Can we use our existing web site?
A: Yes. You can easily add a link to your existing web site that will direct people to the home delivery section.

Q: What if we don’t have a web site?
A: Acumenex can provide your clinic with a basic web site at no additional charge. You can include content, such as your Logo, address, directions, staff, hours of operation and contact information, and the content can be updated at any time by you or your staff.

WebStore Setup:

Q: Can anyone go onto my WebStore?
A: Only customers that you have registered can log onto your WebStore.  Even after they have securely logged onto your WebStore, those customers can only see and purchase their pet’s prescription products and therapeutic diets.  They cannot search for other prescription medications and therapeutic diets. customers will be able to shop for all non-prescription products, such as non-therapeutic diets and OTC products.

Q: Who decides which products I want to make available on the WebStore?
A: You pick which products you want to sell from a catalog of products available through the WebStore.  The WebStore will initially have most prepackaged medications, therapeutic and non-therapeutic diets (from Hills, Royal Canin and P&G) and some non-prescription (OTC) items, such as treats, kitty litter and shampoo.

Q: What if I want to sell products that are not available on the WebStore?
A: The products available to be sold through your WebStore are only limited to the products which your distributor carries and which can be shipped on a unit basis.  New products will be added monthly and you will have the ability to suggest additional new products.

Q: Who sets the pricing for the products offered on my WebStore?
A: You decide on your own pricing strategy.  We have tried to make it very simple to set pricing using a couple of options, allowing you to set markups based on categories, using the OVMA recommended pricing strategy and also allowing you to set specific pricing for a product.   The cost to your customer is your retail price plus the shipping charges.

Financial Transactions:

Q: Who handles customer payment transactions and how does the clinic receive its funds from WebStore sales?
A: The WebStore handles all credit card transactions and deposits the order proceeds directly into your clinic’s WebStore merchant account as soon as the product is shipped or available for pick-up. We will assist you in setting up a separate merchant account with Chase Paymentech.

Q: Why do I have to use Chase? Can I use my existing Merchant Account?
A: Due to Canadian regulations, you are required to set up a separate merchant account for all on-line sales through the WebStore.  This does not affect your current merchant account that you currently use in your practice.  The proceeds from all WebStore sales can be deposited into the same bank account that your practice currently uses.  You will receive two deposits a day from your WebStore sales; one each for Visa and MasterCard.  You can print off your deposit reconciliation reports at any time from your WebStore administration page, under the Reports Section.  The cost for the Chase merchant account is $6.95 per month.  The transaction fees are 1.98% for the base card plus any add-ons due to premium cards – no different than your current merchant account.  The rates are higher than your practice rates because there is more risk associated with sales where the card is not present, known as off-premise transactions.  Acumenex has worked with the provincial associations to work out an aggressive rate so, although it is higher than your practice  sales, it is very aggressive for online sales.  There is also a minimum transaction level of $8 per card per month, which will not be an issue once you start selling through your WebStore.

Security and Privacy Policy:

Q: How do I know that my customer’s information will be kept confidential and secure?
A: The WebStore is built on a state-of-the-art secure platform that assures the confidentiality and integrity of customer information. We guarantee that your customer’s personal information will not be rented, bartered, or sold to anyone.

Q: How do I allow my customers to shop on my WebStore?
A: You will need the customer’s email address to be able to register them on the WebStore.  Once you have registered the customer on the WebStore, it will automatically send an introductory email to the customer providing them with a link to your WebStore, a username (their email address) and a computer generated password.  It will also recommend they sign onto your WebStore and change the password to something they will easily remember.  Only customers that you have registered can sign onto your WebStore, ensuring the doctor – patient relationship.

Home Delivery Details:

Q: What are the benefits of home delivery for customers?
A: As you are probably aware, product compliance is generally very low for both prescription medications and diets. Running out of product, stretching the last few doses, or switching to a substitute product are major reasons why this compliance is so low.  The primary benefit of the WebStore is to dramatically increase this compliance by sending out refill reminders and making it convenient for the customer to order and receive their products.  Surveys show that convenience is by far the number 1 reason people shop on-line.

Q: Will orders ship to the customer without my approval?
A: Although you will need to approve all pharmaceutical and therapeutic diets initially when they are entered into the system, all future WebStore refills will be automatically approved as long as the prescription is valid, based on date or number of refills.  If the prescription is not valid, it will come to the attention of your staff where you will decide whether or not to approve or decline the order. At that point your staff would also contact the customer to set up an appointment. Besides ensuring the best care for the pet, this helps strengthen your relationship with the customer.

Q: How are Diets and non-Prescription (OTC) Products delivered?
A: The customer will have the option to have these products delivered directly to their home or be able to pick the order up at the clinic. For orders where the customer has decided to have shipped to their home, the order will be sent electronically to your distributor, who will fulfill the order and ship the product directly to the customer’s home. Acumenex has partnered with Vet Purchasing and CDMV so your customers can expect prompt delivery, typically within 2 days of placing the order. For the home delivery option, the cost to the customer is typically $7.95 for delivery anywhere in Ontario.

For orders where the customer has decided to pick it up in your Clinic, the WebStore will notify your staff of the order details.  If the order contains any products that are not currently in inventory, they will simply place an order for those items with your distributor.  When the products are received at the clinic, staff will update the order on the WebStore, which will automatically send an email to the customer notifying them that the order is now ready for pick-up.  For a pick-up order, there is no charge to the customer for shipping.

Q: How are Prescription Medications delivered?
A: Prescription medication orders can either be picked up at your clinic or shipped to the customers’ home by your staff, depending upon which option your customer prefers. The WebStore will notify your staff of any prescription orders and whether the customer will pick it up or if it needs to be shipped to the customers’ home.  For home delivery orders, Staff simply places the customer’s products, with your prescription label, in a pre-posted express envelope, with a WebStore generated packing slip, and then either drop it into any mail box or take it to the post office.   Pre-posted Canada Post Express envelopes can be purchased directly from Canada Post through a special OVMA agreement. There is a shipping cost of $7.95 to the customer for home delivery, which will more than cover the Clinic’s cost of the shipping.

Clinic pick-up orders are handled essentially the same but instead of mailing the product out, staff update the order on the WebStore which will automatically send an email to the customer notifying them that the order is now ready for pick-up.  In both cases, if the order contains any products that are not currently in inventory, staff will simply place an order for those items with your distributor.  For a pick-up order, there is no charge to the customer for shipping.

Q: What if the customer is not home when the order is delivered?
A: Purolator will determine if the product is safe to be left at the home.  If it is not determined to be safe, then the order is taken back to Purolator and they will then contact the customer to arrange an alternative delivery location.  They will not require the customer to travel to their depot to pick up the order.  The customer can also place a Purolator sticker on their door which will give the driver permission to leave the package.

Special Orders:

Q: Can customers with no internet access also order products for home delivery?
A: The WebStore allows your customers to phone your staff and have them place an order on your customer’s behalf, thereby providing them with all the benefits of home delivery.

Q: Can customers have products shipped to another location?
A: Yes, the customer has the option to change the delivery address when they are placing the order.  This is especially useful for orders delivered to a cottage, work or another family member.

Staff Training and Support:

Q: What sort of training and support is available?
A: You and your staff will be presented with internet-based sessions to learn about the WebStore solution. Training sessions can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Support will be available to your staff to answer any questions they may have.


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