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What does the New York Times have to say about subscriptions for online businesses?

“In its first month, July 2010, the company shipped about 60 orders; by January of this year, that number had leapt to 27,000. In 2011, PetFlow exceeded $13 million in revenue — with 60 percent of its sales coming on a subscription basis — and it projects revenue will exceed $30 million this year. ‘I’ve come to appreciate,’ Mr. Zhardanovsky said, ‘that subscription models are, in so many ways, the holy grail of business.’”

Find out how he started by reading Among Online Entrepreneurs, Subscriptions Are All the Rage


The new AVMA Pet Census indicates a decline in the pet population.

“One of the most notable changes is that cats have fallen in popularity, by nine percent since the last survey. Dogs have also had a better day; their numbers falling, as well, though only by three percent.”

Find out more by reading Pet Population Falls, According to AVMA Pet Census


AAHA: Nutrition is the 5th Vital Assessment

“Even if they don’t ask, your clients expect a nutrition recommendation. After you have performed a nutritional assessment, make a specific dietary recommendation for every pet, every time.”

Learn more at Every Pet. Every Time.


Retailers Battle for Pet Food Market Share

“The next time you need pet food, retailers know there is a good chance you’ll turn to your iPhone or laptop instead of grabbing your car keys. This has led big box retailers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and PetSmart to beef up their websites and online product offerings to take advantage.”

Continue reading at Retailers battle for pet food market share



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