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The key to a successful WebStore is staff engagement.

There are several situations that can be awkward or cumbersome when you are dealing with the retail aspect of the business. Out-of-Stock products Think of the work that an out-of-stock call also creates for you.  Having to place an order with your distributor, receive the product, call the client back again, and then service them all over again when they come in.  Wouldn’t it be great for you and the client if the product was paid for and waiting for them when they came in the door?  This is called Express Checkout and is offered by your web store.  Express Pickup will also eliminate all of those calls you take for orders and reduce the checkout time when they come in, reducing line-ups and wait times for your client.

Achieving this is so easy when staff invest time and effort into the initial registration
of practice clients.  Once all clients are members of your WebStore, staff will no
longer be spending time on inventory and processing orders, but rather more time
on developing client relationships and promoting better health for their pets.



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