Key to Success

5 Simple Steps to a Successful WebStore

1.  Assign all staff a role

2.  Everyone needs to understand that they have a contribution to make to the success of the WebStore.  It is truly a team effort

3.  Reception is a critical role for client engagement:

  • When a client purchases a product, always ask if they’d like to order it online/have it delivered to their house or your practice
  • When a client wants to purchase a product not available, ask them if they’d like to order it online so it’s availability is guaranteed and it is already paid for when they come in to pick it up

4.  Technical staff have an opportunity to help influence:

  • When a diet, toothpaste, shampoo, treat, etc is recommended,ask clients if they’d like to order it online and have it shipped to their house for convenience (and with automatic refill option)
  • Add it to their profile or ask someone to have it added to their profile

5.  Veterinarians make recommendations:

  • Suggest to clients the WebStore option for products you recommend or prescribe.  Inform them of the automated refill system



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