Staff Testimonials

“Every day we are registering our clients when they call to preorder their food.
We have noticed that it is catching on because clients are signing them selves up.
We are seeing a significant time-saving with processing orders and preparing
special orders.”

Ontario Veterinarian Practice Staffpets

For our practice the big seller is the delivery factor. Most of our customers
are from out-of-town. Customers get excited about the fact that they can
receive vet recommended food/rxs/otcs delivered directly to their home,
quickly and at a reasonable cost.”
Ontario Veterinarian Practice Staff

“Using the WebStore is very easy! I can quickly do what I need to do with
only a few mouse clicks. I now approve orders, add scripts to clients’ profiles,
even mail out medication.  I’m not all that familiar with
computers but learning to use the WebStore was
easier than I had expected and MyVetStore support team
was there when I needed them.  I now spend less on administrative
work and more time doing what I enjoy most, helping our
customers care for their pets.”
Ontario Veterinarian Practice Staff

“The WebStore is handy for a lot of the staff here.  We used to be open
Saturdays, now with our WebStore, it has made up for that.” 

Ontario Veterinarian Practice Staff




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