Why MyVetStore?

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Because you care about animal health

Ensuring compliance is a common challenge for prescription medications and recommended therapeutic diets. MyVetStore is a proven solution for helping to increase compliance by making it easy and convenient for your clients to purchase products directly from you.

Automatic reminders for reordering prescriptions and diets, and the Auto-Ship Service for automatic refills and deliveries, your own WebStore is an ideal tool for assisting in ensuring animal health.

Because you care about client relationships

With over 50% of Canadians shopping online, having your own WebStore will allow you to offer a value-added service to existing and potential clients.  Moving to selling your products online provides your clients with a convenient and easy way to purchase directly from you – their trusted veterinarian.

MyVetStore also increases the opportunity for you to communicate with your clients.  Example features include email “re-order” reminders and “exam” reminders.  Clients also have the option to sign up for the auto-ship service which is totally customizable to their specific needs.  Pet owners no longer have to worry about running out, or refilling, the solution, your Practice WebStore solution does it all for them.

Because you care about increasing your practice’s revenue

Pet owners find it more convenient to visit a retailer to look for a product replacement when they run out, rather than return to your practice for a repeat purchase.  Reports show that 97% of pet owners purchase their pet’s food from a supermarket or pet retailer.  That means out of every 100 clients, 97 of them are purchasing pet products from somewhere else.  Why not let MyVetStore help you win your client’s business?

A WebStore is the best way for you to compete with retailers.   Sell products you currently stock, as well as products you might not normally carry, without the cost and hassle of dealing with inventory.  With virtually no overhead costs – the amount you can sell all depends on the effort you and your staff take to signing up your clients.

The team at MyVetStore is here to provide the support you need to drive your sales.

Because you care about reducing staff workload

Selling your products on myvetstore.ca means your staff will no longer need to carry out the long and tedious process of ordering – receiving- storing- displaying and phoning clients related to your product sales.  Instead, staff available to help develop your practice’s client relationships and help increase sales.

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