Dr. Testimonials

“Our clients are telling us how much they love the Web Store,vet rott computer web
especially the convenience of the home delivery  service!” 

Ontario Veterinarian

“Veterinary practices are under increasing pressure from pet food
stores and pet supply providers. It’s no surprise that veterinary hospitals
are reporting a decline in patient visits”.  MyVetStore offers veterinarians the
tool to keep in contact with their clients, the need has never been greater.”
Ontario Veterinarian

“Better pet health is tied to a high quality diet. We promote this to every client,
at every visit.  MyVetStore is the perfect solution to drive dietary compliance.”
Ontario Veterinarian

“As a mobile or “house-call” veterinarian, MyVetStore is the perfect
solution for running my business. I now provide products my customer’s
want, especially food, that I couldn’t offer before.  Without an office, I knew
I was missing business opportunities. I now don’t have to worry about
shipping or storing products”

Ontario Veterinarian

“MyVetStore has allowed us to offer retail functionality, like selling food,
without doing the retail work, like managing orders, stocking, managing
what items move, what ones don’t.”
Ontario Veterinarian

“For us, customer satisfaction is paramount and the MyVetStore has
allowed us to serve our clients more efficiently and much faster.
We always have the product or diet on hand when the customer 
comes in – no more lost sales, playing phone tag with multiple calls
or messages, being stuck with special food.  The customer knows when
their order is ready, or they can have it delivered. Everybody wins!”
Ontario Veterinarian


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